Yesterday's Junk Hit, Is Tomorrow's Treasured Card

Last December, when I really got back into the hobby after being away for about seven years I pulled my first patch card from a blaster of Bowman is the card:

As you can see it's of Luke Hochevar from a jersey worn in the All-Star Futures Game.  I had no idea who Luke Hochevar was but I was excited to pull a jersey card for the first time.  I filed the card away and didn't really think much of it.

Now here we are 3/4 of a year later and I am now in Lawrence, Kansas and getting to know the in's and out's of my new team, the Kansas City Royals and who gets put on the 60-day disabled list than Mr. Hochevar.  I dug out the card and discovered now that this card was my first [and only apart from my Brian Bannister collection] Royals game used card.  

My point?  Junk hits are in the eye of the beholder and at a given time in a given place.  They are transforming all the time and the junk yesterday could be something meaningful today.