Trade with Wax Heaven

Before I started this blog I pulled an Andrew Miller jersey card from Upper Deck Baseball Heroes and so I emailed Mario at Wax Heaven to maybe work out a trade. In return Mario sent me two Royals autos that he had, one of Mitch Maier and one of Ryan, not that Ryan Braun, I'm talking Royals pitching prospect Ryan Braun. It just goes to show you that one person's junk hit can be something treasured by someone else.

Luckily for Mario but unfortunately for me, he has already received the card that I was trading him from Box to make it up to him I included a bunch of bonus cards with one in particular that doesn't follow Gellman's rules for grading...but I hope Mario likes them and I'll leave it to him to write about the specifics of the package.

UPDATE: Wax Heaven got the package and I'm happy to say he seems to like it...


Wax Heaven said…
I'm glad you liked them and wish I could have helped you out with a Bannister autograph.

Great job on the blog, BTW.