Topps, I Want The Truth!

I love blogs that try to create controversy by finding a problem with something and demanding the people responsible to apologize or explain the problem! Baseball card blogs are just as guilty of this...just search "Fuckudome Rookie Card" and you'll see I'll throw my hat into the ring! Topps I demand the truth!

In 1973 you produced this card:

And in 1974 you produced this card:

Everything seems fine, right?...That is until you turn the cards over and see the horror!

According to Topps, Gaylord Perry was a farmer in 1973 and by 1974 he was the "head" of an insurance company. Which one is it Topps? Farmer or Head of an Insurance company? I will be fake boycotting your product until you address this issue from 35 years ago!


Steve Gierman said…
Maybe he was head of Farmers Insurance?
AlbuqwirkE said…
That's very funny Steve.

It seems that Topps got it right. Gaylord also sold cars- which seems more in line with his deceptive mound works.
Matt Flaten said…
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Matt Flaten said…
Topps getting it right? I can't have that! My whole belief system will be torn asunder...

Thanks for the research albuqwirke! I know the history of him being a farmer but didn't know about the insurance angle.