September 22, 2008

To All You Upper Deck X Haters...

Isn't it a tad predictable to hate this card set before taking a closer look...

Judge for yourself: here's a look at two packs of Upper Deck X from a mega-retailer that I'm sure has been pack searched four times. First, the much maligned wrapper...

If all you focus on is the wrapper you are missing out on the psychedelic inner foil...don't judge a book by it's cover...Pack #1:

First card and I get my first Kosuke Fukudome Rookie Card. I like the look of this card a lot and the X design compliments the photo nicely.

Here are two base cards: Adam Dunn and Carlos Beltran.

My Xponential insert is to the 3rd power so I am assuming it's a little more rare than those to the 2nd power.

My cut card is the same as my final base card...Save King Trevor Hoffman:

Pack #2:

In this pack I pulled two cut cards, a Torii Hunter with the typical silver border and a Vernon Wells with a gold border. None of my cut cards have the missed cut problems that bothered Dayf so much.

Here are my three regular base cards: an Ian Kennedy Rookie, Mr. No-Hitter Carlos Zambrano and Hideki Matsui.

My Xponential card is a Jimmy Rollins to the 2nd power and it's not quite as nice good as the earlier Vlad insert which was to the 3rd power.

Overall, I am on board with this set. In my opinion it is much better than the Artifacts or Baseball Heroes sets that Upper Deck has put out this year and at $1.97 a pack it's hard to complain about value.
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