This Could Literally Have Been My Last Pack

On Friday my fiance and I were running errands around Lawrence and it looked pretty bad outside ...i.e. overcast and rainy as it had been for the two days previous.  We were in Target and I was taking a look at the cards and decided on a box of Upper Deck Artifacts.  I had opened two packs of this before so I had no worries about getting a huge number of doubles.  We were walking around the store and then all of a sudden we heard tornado sirens.  Soon Target employees were telling us that a Tornado Warning had been issued for our county and they began ushering us to the back of the store away from the front windows.   The storm was pretty bad and you could hear it through the roof but the tornadoes stayed the east of us and everything turned out fine.  So here are the highlights of the blaster that could have been my last:

I like the silver cards but only when they have live action going on behind them.  The Cubs rookie card looks like he is stuck in a bad office cubicle.  

My game used hit was pretty good with a Johan Santana as a Twin jersey but as you can see the bottom right corner is pretty messed up.  

I also enjoy the "A Piece of History" cards but some of the moments are a little iffy if you ask me, like Creation of the Internet.  I ended up pulling nine of these cards over my seven packs.

Now for some Yankee Stadium Legacy...For you math majors out there, what is the likelihood that I would pull one John Wettland Legacy card in a Blaster?  Got that...okay, now what are my odds that I pull two John Wettland Legacy cards in one Blaster?  It's got to be up there with pulling a card like this right?