I've Got A Gimmick For You

Chris over at Stale Gum I Hate Topps Central has a post about a new Brett Favre [my arch-nemesis] gimmick card and he would like us to send him our greatest gimmick card pulls...

Chris has some pretty intense feelings about Topps which may be justified but one thing is for certain if he ever pulled this, his head would explode like this guy's ear after a Kimbo Slice punch.

Rip Master Front Rip Master Back

Thankfully, this card was sort of a bonus hit in the box of Topps Finest that I purchased. I don't really sell cards on eBay but this one would definitely be trade bait for a gimmick card collector...the gimmick card collector: the GCC. Maybe that can be a new election demographic...like hockey moms, Nascar dads, and Royals Fans.