September 27, 2008

UPDATE: Dear Gellman,

UPDATE: Gellman answered my letter and here is his response:

"I would either wait for Leaf Limited or Gridiron Gear. Those are always my two favorite products. You are in luck because Limited is coming back to packs, and the cards should be pretty nice. Otherwise, you may want to wait for SPA in january."

2008 Donruss Leaf Limited has a release date of October 29th and Gridiron Gear is scheduled for October 15th. So to fill the void until mid to late October I tried out a pack of Absolute are the results:

The base cards are all pretty nice looking but if you will notice they all have the same pose.

My pack hit is a "Gridiron Force" of LaRon Landry, who I think is Tom Landry's grandkid...It is numbered 19 of 250 and if anyone is interested in it just shoot me an email [] and we can work something out.

I guess it is okay for the novelty a pack of football but I think I will take Gellman's advice and wait for Gridiron Gear for a major purchase.
Original Post:

Dear Gellman,

As the resident football card blog guru, I have a question for you. I haven't collected football cards serious for quite a while...the last set I took serious was probably 1990 Pro get the picture?

Anyway, I'm looking to start again and I wondered if you could tell me, in your opinion, which '08 product I should start with? What's the best? I'm looking in the $3.00/pack suggested price area...

Thanks for your help,

Matt F.
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