September 24, 2008

Condition Shmadition

I really didn't know too much about the 1959 Topps set until this year's Topps Heritage came out...and I've done some digging around since and I can see why the Heritage set is well liked this year as the original set is just great. But what are my chances of owning the really great cards in that set? Not that good...I mean I've run into trouble getting some of the top of the line cards from the 1971 set I'm working on and the '59 set is 12 years older and has just a greater caliber of stars included...

I was attending the last card show I could get to in Seattle before moving to Kansas earlier in the summer and in the clearance rack of one booths I stumbled upon this gem...

I mean this card has been loved...I'm talking some kinky BDSM type love...the cards in the pile were marked as 90% off Beckett value...[let's not get started on a book value debate right now, okay?] so I scooped it up, paid my $7.00, and adopted this abused step-child into my collection. It is one of my favorites and I wish I knew the back story here. I am hoping some kid somewhere taped the card into a notebook just like I would do 40 years later.

Plus, in my book as a Wisconsinite, the Braves will always be from Milwaukee and Warren Spahn will always be better than Sandy Koufax.
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