February 28, 2010

Yes! I Finally Have a Greg Gagne Rated Rookie Card With A Graded Score Of 8!

In downtown Lawrence we have an antique mall that brings together the finest back issues of Life magazine and U.S. Silver dollars anyone could ask for. One of the dealers there has a random selection of book value priced baseball cards that I look through when I'm downtown. Some of the cards had been re-priced and I found this for a $1. I love these odd ball cards that someone decided to grade in hopes of finding that Gem Mint Greg Gagne Rookie and satisfy the tens of collectors that might be interested.

Greg was one of my childhood heroes as he was the Twins shortstop during their two World Series wins. He then left the team for free agency and the deep pockets of the Royals.

February 27, 2010

The Quickest Way To Waste $3

I'll post this over on A Pack To Be Named Later too but I'll show it here first.

Don't buy these. Don't ever buy these. Don't even make direct eye contact with them because they will take your money and give you only poor quality chrome cards.

#127 Jason Smith Rookie Card

#57 Reggie Wayne

#84 John Carlson

#106 Nnamdi Asomugha


I've been inspired by the 1,000,000 card giveaway to go back and strengthen my vintage collection, not so much with stars, but with important/interesting cards. This brings us to this beauty:

1969 Topps #653 Aurelio Rodriguez [Error Card]

This is one of the classic error cards as that isn't Aurelio Rodriguez on the card but Angels bat boy Leonard Garcia.

Everyone knows that Aurelio wouldn't be caught dead on a baseball card without giant sideburns!

Here are two error-free Aurelio cards:

1975 Topps #221 Aurelio Rodriguez

1974 #72 Aurelio Rodriguez

On a sad note, Aurelio was killed in a car accident in 2000. Of all the players to play major league baseball, there have only been three named Aurelio.

1. Aurelio Rodriguez
2. Aurelio Monteagudo
3. Aurelio Lopez

In some weird twist of fate, all three Aurelio's have been killed in car accidents.

February 26, 2010

Analist + Therapist = ???

These 1,000,000 Card Giveaway cards keep getting better and better! I bought three packs today at Target in a failed search for new Heritage and ended up pulling two Giveaway cards. It should have taken me 12 packs to do that so the Card Gods were smiling down on me today.

My first player's name made me flash to the Arrested Development joke.

Tobias Funk created a new position which combined an Analyst with the a Therapist and was called an Analrapist. That's pronounced ah-NAL-rah-pist people!

I can only imagine the taunting Ernie McAnally got as a kid...and probably ass...I mean as... an adult too.

1972 Topps #58

And my second card is actually a card a needed for my 1979 Mariners team set. Old and useful...a lot like William Shatner.

1979 Topps #443

February 25, 2010

Baseball Cards, Notebooks, and Tape

What’s a better Valentine’s Day gift than really old baseball cards? Maybe a coupon for a free hug? [any Modern Family fans out there?]

The answer is nothing.

I had been almost exclusively buying cards online from Checkoutmycards.com. The selection can’t be beat but with that kind of overhead their shipping/handling cost are getting to be pretty high. Luckily, I stumbled upon the online store for my favorite card shop, Three Stars Sportscards in Roseville, MN. They have a huge selection on-line and I’ve recently been shrinking my non-short printed 1971 Topps needs list through them. Their store is a Beckett
Marketplace web page so if you can stomach that then I would highly recommend it. If you buy more than say 10 cards the shipping is half as much as Checkoutmycards and the packaging time is just as fast.

Their prices are great too...especially if they have multiple copies of cards at different conditions. I like my vintage cards “a little loved” if you know what I mean. I like them to have been kept in huge stacks with about fifty rubber bands around them by some 10 year old in 1965. So I was able to get two well loved cards of two of my favorite players, Harmon Killebrew and Luis Aparicio, which many collectors would stick up their noses at.

1962 Topps #316 Harmon Killebrew

1961 #440 Luis Aparicio

The card was listed as "poor" on the web page but there wasn't an actual photo of the card included in the card listing...so you're never quite sure what you are getting. Seeing the front I thought I had lucked out and when I flipped it over I liked it even more. You see, I have a long history of baseball cards, tape, and paper notebooks and the idea of another kid doing it is absolutely great to me.

Show and Tell #40: Adam E.'s Killer Cards

Adam E. from Thoughts and Sox is observing the Bip-bargo that Thorzul has called and instead sent me some Royals plus some great new-ish cards of The Killer that I don't own yet.

2008 Donruss Threads Century Stars #CS-2 Harmon Killebrew
2001 Topps Topps Noteworthy # TN46 Harmon Killebrew
2005 Upper Deck Classics #42 Harmon Killebrew
2008 Donruss Threads #30 Harmon Killebrew
2001 Fleer Greats of the Game #11 Harmon Killebrew
Thanks Adam!

February 24, 2010

My Day Has Come

There comes a time in every card blog’s life when they are obligated to do a post like this. My day has come today.

I now present my Rusty Kuntz collection:

1981 Topps #112 White Sox Future Stars

1981 Donruss #282 Rusty Kuntz

1982 Topps #237 Rusty Kuntz

1985 Fleer #14 Rusty Kuntz

1984 Topps #598 Rusty Kuntz

1990 Mother's Cookies #27 Mariners Coaches

Coming soon, my Dick Pole collection.

Please Get Your Retina Off My Hotdog

A lawsuit was filed today against the Kansas City Royals mascot Slugger that said during the course of a game back in September the mascot throw a hot dog into the stands hitting a fan in the eye and detaching his retina. My only question is what was more painful...a detached retina or watching the Royals play in September?

February 23, 2010

Show and Tell #39: Non-Baseball Cards From Michel

I can always count on Reader Michel to send a great package of cards every once in a while. Sometimes it’s all baseball, sometimes it’s all non-baseball. The latest one was all non-baseball which was a refreshing change from my recent focus on the new 2010 cards.

Michel took a bunch of 2008 Masterpieces off my Needs List. In the very long list of bonehead moves that card companies have done in the past few years, discontinuing football and baseball Masterpieces has got to be near the top.

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #73 Lester Hayes

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #98 Fran Tarkenton/Adrian Peterson

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #47 Joe Namath

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #39 Herm Edwards

Two Packers I didn’t have thrown in to add some green and gold flavor.

2008 Topps Chrome #TC80 Donald Driver

1997 Fleer #426 Desmond Howard

He also included a whole bunch of great basketball cards:
Let me join the chorus of “What do we want? More Holograms! When do we want it? Now!”
1997 Upper Deck SPx #26 Kurt Thomas

1997 Upper Deck SPx #45 Damon Stoudamire

Of all the negative and disappointing feelings Bullets/Wizards fans must have for Chris Webber at least he was no Gilbert Arenas.

1996 Skybox NBA Hoops #174 Chris Webber

Best “Detlef” to ever play the game. Period.

1995 Upper Deck #148 Detlef Schrempf

Karl Malone’s greatness is too much for the rules of space and time. His dunks rip a hole in the space time continuum.

1996 Skybox #90 Karl Malone

I would have liked to have been in the room when they pitched the idea for 1996 Stadium Club. I imagine it went something like this:
“Now, we’ve done a lot of focusing grouping these ideas. We even went on a weekend retreat to the Ozarks. It was a very transformative trip. The Ozarks inspired us…they really got inside of us. And so let me present our design. We went with a pretty simple and clean design until you get to the bottom 10% of the card. Then WATCH OUT because this is where the action happens. We’ve got the players name…wait for it…on a raised ridge! YEAH! This was inspired by The Ozarks and has the same vision and innovative thinking that has made Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas famous for centuries! So, what do you think?”
“Can you make the name all shiny?”
“Well, another trait of the people of the Ozarks is a love of shiny things so I don’t see why not.”

1996 Topps Stadium Club #32 John Stockton

Thanks Michel!

February 20, 2010

Welcome To The Fan Zone...I mean Fanzone!

I'm two for two, bitches!

Ignore The Logos Behind The Curtain

These four cards are all from my pack with my 1,000,000 Card Giveaway card...I didn't really notice it at first but all these photos look more like they should be from the Upper Deck set...ignore the lettering in the bottom left corner and no logos are to be found anywhere.

2010 Topps #10 Clayton Kershaw

2010 Topps #238 Ian Stewart

2010 Topps #214 Matt Kemp

2010 Topps #315 Scott Kazmir

Tom Terrific

Before I begin usual broadcast of my all 100% negative thoughts about 2010 Topps I must say that this card is at one time great because it's a Tom Seaver card and horrible because of the substandard presentation. Great idea, poor execution...a lot like this blog.

2010 Topps #104 Mets Franchise History

February 19, 2010

Orioles or A's?

The mystery here is whether this is an Orioles jersey or an A's jersey. The back gives no indication which team it is from either.

You can't really see it in the scan too well but there is some definite schmutz on the jersey.

2005 Donruss Prime Patches #PP-9 Miguel Tejada Jumbo Swatch 031/330

February 18, 2010

Tax Return Cards

I blew some of my tax return on some stars from my 1971 Needs List. I'm now about 68% complete on the set.

1971 Topps #300 Brooks Robinson

1971 Topps #230 Willie Stargell

1971 Topps #276 George Foster/Mike Davison

How great is George's expression here?

1971 Topps #264 Joe Morgan