October 31, 2008

Welcome To Your New Home Mike Jacobs!

Wax Heaven highlighted this earlier in the week and I thought I would chime in and say "Hello" to the newest Royal, Mike Jacobs. It seems like the Royals got a pretty good deal in the trade but how does it change things for the club? After listening to sports talk radio since the trade there is a lot of conjecture that Mark Teahen will be the add man out and traded somewhere soon. And if not Teahen, Billy Butler could go.

Is Halloween Becoming Over Commercialized?

The Onion tackles the hard questions:

In The Know: Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized?

Mail Call: Package From Old School Breaks

Out of the clear blue sky came a package today from John of Old School Breaks. He sent me four cards but, oh, what four great cards they were!

Two Royals autographs! One of Mitch Maier who came up at the end of the season and will battle for a outfield position in the spring.

And the other autograph was of Angel Sanchez who played a handful of games at shortstop in 2006 but has since been in the minors...

John also included two Allen & Ginter World Leaders...one for Nepal and one for Finland.

I am most excited about the Finland card because as a huge fan of Conan O'Brien, Tarja Halonen is a celebrity around my house.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, watch this:

Heartbreaking Breaks 9: Topps Updates & Highlights + More Masterpieces

If you ever wondered who I'm endorsing for President just watch this pack break:

Here are some scans:

As I love Diamond Kings I always love these Dick Perez illustrated insert cards:

Can this be the end of Presidential insert cards? I love them, I collect them, but who exactly was clamoring for a Lucretia Garfield card?

Some mid-season trades:The Mickey Mantle story...longer than War & Peace.

After getting these two cards I might tapper off my purchases of Masterpieces...I don't plan on collecting the set [to many short prints and not enough money to spend] and I think I've got the cards I wanted.

The Continuing Saga: 1971 Topps

I forgot to mention in my package from zman40 was one odd 1971 Topps card. This brings my total to 101 cards which is 13.43% of the set. Every card helps so thanks again zman40. Check out his blog, Autographed Cards, here.

Complete Set: 752 cards
101/752 = 13.43%

Card of the Day of the Day

One has to wonder how they took this photo. I imagine it was during Spring Training and the Topps photographer brought an eight foot ladder with him and said "Brownie, do your stuff!"

And then after he threw a few pitches, the photographer said, "Heck of a job Brownie!"

In Honor of Studs Terkel

The great American essayist and oral historian Studs Terkel passed away today. He was 96. He was a great fan of baseball and was the kind of guy who made you remember why we loved this sport and the hobby to begin with.

And can't we all agree we need more men named Studs in America today.

October 30, 2008

My Entry Into Thorzul's Halloween Contest

So here is my entry into Thorzul's Scary Card Contest...

it is a take off on Wax Heaven's Jackie Kennedy Hair Card with blood substituted for hair...I finished 3rd out of three entries in the contest...so I either finished in last place or won the bronze medal depending on how you look at it.

Mail Call: Results From SCU's Donruss Threads Break

As I mentioned previously, I took part in Sports Cards Uncensored's Donruss Threads break...I had the Brewers and Rays and I'm pretty happy with what I got for my $14 entry fee...I am most happy with my Robin Yount base card and you can barley notice that these are unlicensed cards.

I also received a Rays prospect autograph of Alex Cobb...which may make a good quickie contest in the future.

And here are the base cards of the prospects:


I've about had it with the Feds and their digital television transfer in February...Like a good mindless drone I've applied for my coupon and been approved...but, that was weeks ago...the coupons have since been, like so many baseball cards in the past, "lost in the mail" and they do not, I repeat not, give you a 2nd chance at getting a coupon. If you run into a problem, you are screwed.

I feel like this lady:

Phillies Fans Are The Greatest

October 28, 2008

UPDATE: Contest Update + Another Quickie Contest

UPDATE: Geez, I thought I could get through an episode of Dexter before we had a winner but dayf proved me wrong...The answer is: Brett became the first person to win batting titled in three decades [1976, 1980, and 1990].

So dayf wins his future post in Auto-matic for the People. Incidently, this is how I imagine dayf's house except exchange records for cards.

Be sure to enter my 1st Heartbreaking Contest...details and how to enter are here. The deadline to enter is Saturday night.

Here's what you could win [minus the wonderful mustachioed cards covering the real treasures]:

--a copy of the new Nightmare Revisited soundtrack...
--a junk autograph hit from 2007 Topps Chrome
--a 1/1 printing plate of a New York Yankee [don't get your hopes up]
--a jersey relic from Allen & Ginter 2007
--a jersey relic of a member of the Tampa Rays World Series team
--an autograph card no one asked for but you'll get anyway
--a Sweet Spot Signature of someone numbered to 99
--7 Topps A-rod inserts

But to keep you, Dear Reader, on your toes let's do a quickie contest right now. Here's what you will win, a Rich Thompson Rookie Autograph from Topps Finest 2008.

So how do you win? Be the first to add a comment to this post telling me what record George Brett broke to justify this card?

The contest is open until someone gets the right answer...so start digging in your commons boxes people!

The Continuing Saga: 1971 Topps...er...Upper Deck Vintage?

This card was included in Dinged Corners' package and it has opened a whole new world of collecting possibilities for me...for all this talk as if I'm a knowledgeable card collector and I really didn't realize that Upper Deck had done a sort of Heritage-like series or that they totally copied my favorite card series [1971 Topps] for their design. This is what happens when you leave a hobby for a few years...

Scanner Art: Halloween Edition

This One Time, When I Was A Royal...Kirk Gibson Edition

Kirk Gibson is a player that should have had a nickname...but according to Baseball Almanac he didn't have one...Let me propose one, The Wolverine...well, maybe not, Kirk went to Michigan State so that would be a problem...I guess the obvious one would be Captain Kirk...okay, let's go with that one...

The Captain spent one season with the Royals [1991] and played the most games [132] than he would in any of his last seven seasons. He also had respectable numbers 16 homers and 69 RBI...but the love affair with KC was short lived as he headed next to Pittsburgh for a season before returning to his rightful home with the Tigers until he retired.

Mail Call: Zman40 from Autographed Cards Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the cards that zman40 sent me...One is a postcard of the Phillies stadium, sadly named Citizens Bank Park...What could have been...with this postcard, plus two from an earlier post I now have the beginnings of an accidental collection, ...postcards of baseball parks...who knows where this will lead?

zman40 also included two World Leader minis as well as some A&G base cards that I was missing...here is a sampling...Thanks again for the great cards!

Mail Call: Zman40 from Autographed Cards Part 1

zman40 from the Autographed Cards blog [and fellow Kansan] sent me a little package that I will post it here in a couple of parts...first, after taking a look at zman40's cards I have to ask, was 1981 Donruss the best set ever for Horseshoe Mustaches?